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1Do I need to become a PHN Member if I’m not sick?
Everyone needs coverage. It is the same as having automobile, home owners’ insurance or health insurance, for a peace of mind. You need to have the information in a ready form access in case of any unforeseen emergency. You need contacts and access to a medical network that has the resources and knowledge on how to help you obtain the medical care you need in an expedited manner.
2How do I use my PHN Membership if I don’t live in the U.S.?
The initial process is the same. We will collect your intake information and medical records from you to organize, transcribe and store your data for you. Your PHN Medical Passport will then be created. Whenever you have new data, you can send it to our office, we will update your file. If you like to travel to any destination in the world, you can contact our office, and we can send you your Medical Passport file as soon as we are able to authenticate your request. You will need to provide security verification and signature to verify your identity. If and when you decide to come to the U.S. for travel or stay, you will receive a risk assessment evaluation from a physician following the USPSTF (US Preventative Services Task Force) guidelines. After you receive medical care in the U.S., your treatment report will be added to your Medical Passport for follow up. This is a continuous service under your membership and you can request service whenever you need it.
3What is the process turnaround time?
Once an account is registered, Members can send all their medical records for our review. (Please see submission process and timeline)
4Do I obtain a tourist VISA or a medical visa? What documents do I need to provide?
Most people obtain a tourist visa and enter the United States without any problem. If you would like to obtain a medical visa, we will provide a ‘Letter of Invitation’ for treatment naming the facility where you are to receive medical care. You will need to provide this letter along with your visa application and proof of financial responsibility from your financial institution to obtain your medical visa.
5Can I obtain a visa for travel companion for my medical care?
Yes. You will need to provide a letter explaining that you are travelling for medical treatment and due to the nature of the treatment, must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
6How do I pick a physician and specialist?
PHN Care will recommend and select an expert physician/specialist in the field of medicine needed for your most optimal treatment. The scheduling and registration will be completed before your arrival for your appointment. You will not need to select and call yourself. You will be provided with the hospital/clinic location, name of doctor, and time for this first visit. Transportation to and from will be arranged for your convenience.
7What do I need to get started?
The first step is to contact our offices via email, phone or WeChat. Our patient registration personnel will answer your inquiry and provide you with a documents checklist.
8When do we open a trust account for surrogacy?
The Trust account is needed when the IP (Intended Parents) are matched with a Surrogate and both parties have entered and signed the Gestational Carrier Contract. The attorney will prepare the necessary documents according to terms and payment schedule stipulated in the contract. The funds are managed by the surrogate agency and a general ledger is provided to the IP on a monthly basis.
9What Payment do we pay upfront to match with a gestational carrier/surrogate mother?
Once the IVF cycle is completed and the embryo is frozen and ready for transfer, the Intended Parents (IP) will sign a retainer and pay a retainer fee to start the surrogacy matching process. It is mandated by state law that the IP must have an embryo to enter into an agreement.

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