Medical Passport

What Is A PHN Medical Passport?

  • All of your medical history in one digital file
  • Web based patient portal platform
  • Each patient obtains an individual medical profile identity
  • Translated, transcribed and organized data
  • Secure and only accessible by you and your medical care team (password protected)
  • Worldwide access by mobile phone, computer or tablet
  • Easy to navigate EHR (Electronic Health Record) system designed to store data accurately and capture the state of the patient's medical history across time

Why Do I Need one?

  • Systematic collection of patient health information stored in a digital format
  • Records can be shared across different health care settings and providers (hospitals, physicians’ clinics, laboratories, etc.)
  • PHN Medical Passport will include a wide range of data:
    Demographics, medical history, medications and known allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, pathologreports, diagnostic images, vital signs, personal statistics, visits and procedures, patient education, billing information, etc.


  • This EHR system eliminates the need to track down a patient's paper medical records and assists in ensuring data is accurate and legible:
  • One single modifiable file
  • File is up to date

What Are Your Benefits?

  • Easy Access - Access from anywhere in the world in an organized format that’s easy to understand, in one place, consolidated, updated, stored.
  • Expedited Simple Process - By having data in the right format so that each clinical team can focus on what matters most: Your Medical Care.
  • Interface – “Inter-Facilities Provider” - Not tied into a single physician or single facility- Interchangeable.

How Does It Work?

  • Support - Our care team will guide you to submit your medical information along with reviewing disclosures, instructions and consent forms.
  • Convenience - Enjoy the convenience of converting and storing your medical data to a consolidated health history.
  • Streamline Preadmissions and Registration - Your information can be shared from clinical team to clinical team to plan for visits and appointments. Your medical care team can view, track and update info needed for your medical care.

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