International Care Process


1Determine a Care Plan and Eligibility
PHN CARE requires the patient to complete a brief interview to establish a new patient registration intake and provide full medical records to determine a care plan and eligibility, for any advanced consultations, customized and targeted treatment plans, and clinical trials (if applicable). Please refer to the Report Checklist for all required medical documentations.
2Assess and Provide a Recommendation for a Tentative Care Plan
Upon receiving your full complete medical records, PHN Medical Team will assess and provide a recommendation for a tentative care plan. This could be a comparison between care facilities and merits of each provider. PHN Financial Department will provide the patient a cost estimate. (3-5 business days).
3Review Care Plan and Make Financial Arrangements
Patient can review care plan and estimated cost. Patient then makes financial arrangements and fund their client account (VIP members fund their members account). The initial first visit appointment will be scheduled. (2-3 business days).
4​Make an Appointment
Appointment and pre-arrival information is provided by invitation letter to patient and family. (1-2 business days).
5Arrange for Travel and Assign Case Manager
Patient and family are contacted to arrange for travel. A Case Manager is assigned to you. Concierge assistance and support for arrival are offered and finalized. (2-3 business days).
6​Lodging and Transportation Once Arrived to the U.S.
We understand that traveling can be difficult when you are not feeling your best. Arrangements for housing and transportation will be arranged including airport pick up if selected.  Your personal case manager will contact patient and family on arrival to the U.S to confirm appointment time and location


1Arriving at the Medical Facility
When patient and family arrive for their appointment, they will be greeted by their case manager, and be escorted to new patient check-in and appointment with the physician or diagnostic team (if applicable). Your Case Manager will explain the process and expectations.
2​Confirm Next Visit
Patient and family will be contacted for post-appointment follow-up and your Case Manager will confirm the next visit


1Support and Communication
While under care in the U.S., international patients will have regular check-ins and follow ups. A nutritionist can consult with you upon request to customize a dietary plan and propose (if needed) therapeutic relief (yoga, massage, natural supplements if allowed).  PHN CARE provides support to patient and communicate with accompanying family members to ensure that their loved ones are receiving the best care.
2Answer Your Questions and Concerns
PHN medical team will keep in contact with the attending physicians to ensure care plans are up-to-date and to address patient questions or concerns.  If there are changes with the cared needed or if additional services are required, our clinical and financial team will be ready to provide advice and support patient as necessary.


1Obtaining and Consolidating Your Medical Records
Transitioning to care in your home country can be stressful and uncertain. PHN CARE assist patient and family with obtaining medical records and consolidate your medical passport to ensure the physician or medical team in your home country will provide follow-up care.
2We Reach Out to you Once You Return Home
Once at home, PHN CARE will reach out to patient to ensure your safe arrival and address any additional questions that may arise.
3Updating Your Medical Records for Your Next Visit
After your follow-up in your home country, patient can send the updated records to us, which will be automatically stored for your next US visit.