Gestational Carrier Planning


is a destination for both domestic and international because of our long standing high ethical and care standards integrated with culture sensitive services and continuum of care excellence.

PHN WOMEN CARE is committed to dedicated customized care and accesses a comprehensive egg donors and gestational carriers’ database, focusing the efforts to helping countless families like yourselves on this emotional journey to becoming parents. Some families are reaching out to us for their first experience towards parenthood, some reach out to us for the expansion of their happy family.

Our professional staff is here for here as support and guide through the entire process of selecting a match to accompany you on this journey. Each candidate is carefully and rigorously screened not only for good faith and good will; but also medically, psychologically, financially, criminally and interviewed extensively in a face-to-face consultation to proper meet the standards and guidelines.

Surrogacy Treatment

Typically, the screening and selection process for surrogacy can take up to 3-4months to fully establish the baseline compatibility. Only a small fraction of applicants meets all the requirements to carry the duties and responsibilities of a gestational carrier, and is qualified to enter a contract with the intended parents (IP). PHN WOMEN CARE gives you the access to these pre-screened candidates once your embryo freezing cycle is completed at the selected preferred fertility clinic.

Generally speaking, the fees spent with each agency doesn't deviate enormously from industry standards within a margin of 10-15% deviance. What varies most in the service provided during the process of selection through every phases of the pregnancy until your baby is safe on its way home with its intended parents.

Each of our case is assigned a peronalized case manager whom is familiar with every details of your family’s needs and state of management.

The surrogacy process is extraordinarily complex in its details and diligent case management. It requires a team and staff of professionals whom possess the competence, experience and knowledge to align every stages on your seamless trajectory to parenthood.

Following the surrogacy guidelines and compliance mandated by California State Laws and Regulations, the gestational carrier agreement includes and delineates expectations and eligibility for both the intended parents and gestational carriers to comply with, including communication about doctor's visits, surrogacy support groups, dietary and travel restrictions, and financial obligations.

About the Gestational Carrier Planning

1Benefits in the U.S.
The United States offers international intended parents (IP) numerous advantages for egg donations and gestational carriers:
  • Highly Regulated Medical Care
  • Strict Egg Donor and Surrogacy Screening Process
  • High IVF Success Rates
  • Favorable Fertility Laws
  • Safe and Easy Return Home
2Contact and trips to the U.S. for egg donations
Your case manager will be in frequent contact with you to select a U.S. egg donor and only one trip to the U.S. is necessary. Preparation for the IVF procedure can take place while the intended parents remain in their home country to minimize traveling duration. Travel to the U.S. will be for sperm collection and embryo transfer. Your case manager will coordinate all of the fertility treatments for your egg donor with the fertility clinic (we will provide you with recommendation and success rates data) selected by you. The recommended length for your trip is two weeks, to provide enough time to receive medical treatment
3Contact and trips to the U.S. for gestational carriers

Your case manager will be in frequent contact with you during the process of selecting a surrogate mother as well as to discuss costs, medical procedures and legal issues. Meetings can be held over We Chat, including your surrogate mother when chosen. We encourage regular communication between you and your surrogate from then on. Trips to the U.S. are encouraged during the pregnancy, if feasible, but not mandatory.

The final trip to the U.S. will be for the birth of your baby. We recommend you arrive one week prior to birth (earlier if twins) and expect to remain in the U.S. for approximately two to three weeks after your baby has arrived. This will allow you enough time to obtain a birth certificate and passport for your baby. You will need to allow for a longer stay if you plan to elect the option of obtaining breast milk from the surrogate mother for a period of time after birth.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • If you do not speak English fluently, please let your case manager know ahead of time so we can assist you in obtaining a translator.
  • Your case manager can provide recommendations with housing and transportation.
4The PHN WOMEN CARE Concierge
PHN WOMEN CARE provides a concierge service to intended parents (IP) who need assistance with their travel arrangements during the process of egg donation or surrogacy. Your case manager will coordinate with you and will assist you with all of your travel needs including:
  • Airlines
  • Hotel, Short Term Full Services Homes or Condos (Standard or Luxury)
  • Car Service with Driver
  • Translation Services
  • Recommendations for Elective Health Screenings During Your Stay
  • Referrals and Recommendations for Travel, Leisure and Entertainment 
  • If you’re an international intended parent looking to travel to the U.S. or a domestic intended parent needing extra assistance, call our international line at  (626) 372-9292  or your case manager to make arrangements prior to your arrival.

If you’re an international intended parent looking to travel to the U.S. or a domestic intended parent needing extra assistance, call our international line at (626) 372-9292 or your case manager to make arrangements prior to your arrival.

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