About Us

Physicians Health Network is your partner in your every healthcare needs

Team PHN is here to provide excellent care continuum by a group of dedicated professionals whom are perseverant and diligent throughout the course of your individualized treatment.

PHN is one of the largest network in Southern California

PHN is one of the largest network in Southern California whom work closely with numerous renown acute care hospitals in Southern California, including Methodist Hospital, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Garfield Medical Center, San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, Monterey Park Hospital, Alhambra Hospital Medical Center, Whittier Hospital Medical Center, Greater El Monte Hospital, Pacific Ambulatory Surgery Center, Pacific Medical Imaging and Oncology, AHMC International Cancer Center, St Vincent Medical Center to name a few. PHN concurrently participates with collaborative international patient programs through City of Hope, UCLA, UCI, USC and CHLA

PHN is one of the largest network in Southern California

PHN is the destination of many seeking second opinion and/or specialized care primarily in the fields of oncology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, thoracic surgery, cardiology, and specialized Assisted Reproductive Technologies, egg donations programs, and surrogacies.

PHN pulls the knowledge and expertise of over 500 Physicians across all specialties.

PHN is unparalleled in its access and collaborative providers relationships. Leveraging its partnership with medical centers and specialized clinics.

PHN’s dedication to its patient start from the initial consultation triage, through salient timely diagnosis, treatment planning, arrangement permutations, care management and long term monitoring planning after treatment and return to each patient’s country of origin.

Your Best Choice in Healthcare Needs

Not only is PHN specialized in healthcare but also in the legalities that define the integrated healthcare landscape and advantages in the United States.

Each major discipline is run and managed by a sizeable highly effective team in turn led by its own medical director in each defined area of expertise and offers no less than the best in identifying risk factors, addressing complex cases, creating a unique range of treatments protocols yielding optimal results.

And while the success rates in the United States far exceeds those in many surrounding countries, the success rates in associated facilities themselves far surpass the national average range in successes in modern medicine.

PHN is affluent in providing care in a cultural sensitive manner bridging the gap between the expectations and needs of the Asian demographics with the resources of the western world.